Sunday, July 13, 2014

Selje - Day Fourteen


By 10 o'clock we were on the road to Selje! All packed up, car loaded and goodbyes said...


It was a lovely drive to Selje this morning...not too warm yet and easy driving...the roads started getting pretty curvy the closer we got to our destination and we couldn't find a restaurant for any lunch along the way at all...smaller towns then the small towns we have been staying in!

Luckily it really wasn't that long a car ride here and the scenery is just as lovely as we have been encountering throughout this country!

The Doktorsgarden is the house where we have rented two rooms...its like our B&B's but without the complimentary breakfast! Our hosts' asked us when we'd like to take breakfast tomorrow and we requested 9:00AM...we will report on that in tomorrow's post :)

We did sit in their cafe as soon as we arrived here though and enjoyed a great Norwegian lunch. I would've taken a photo but we were hungry and didn't think of it until AFTER we ate! I did get a great shot of my dessert though, carrot cake. with cream cheese icing!!!



Ok, so the rooms are named by colour :) We requested the Red room as it slept three...this is the shot of the room before the girl turned this sofa into my bed! I chose it because it is a firmer foam.




Here's my bed...looks great too huh?


Now this is the blue room...I would've chosen this one personaly because I love the colours but it has the same configuratrions except it has loads of closets along the one wall...




This is the White room...we requsted this one too and it sleeps toe to toe! Strange but we will hear how Auntie June and Barb slept tomorrow...think they might be playing footsies a bit!




I think this room is called the Pink room...but it doesn't have the same 'pop' as the other ones :)



This is the shared kitchen area for all the rooms...we unloaded our drinks and snacks in here when we arrived and had a little appy/cocktail time in here before our dinner.


I will have to take some photos around this house and share later...this chandelier was totally unique and fantastic!



The cafe area downstairs is full of different pieces of art, all for sale. Because this was an actual Doctor's house, the main floor rooms are divided into an eating/cafe area, sitting area with one featured Artist's work in it and two other spaces that feature various artists as well. Very creative use of this house...the kitchen has been renovated and is large and lovely...I'll have to make sure to get some pictures of that over the next couple days :)


Nancy, Barb and Auntie June headed out to sightsee after our lunch and once we were settled in our rooms...Mom and I decided to just chill out on our beds and chat...much cooler activity.


Nancy grabbed my camera and captured some great shots though...this is a model of the Monastery on the island of Selja just across the beach from is now in ruins but we hope to visit it in the coming days during the morning before we head to Fure for our family time.





This is the Selje church where my grandmother was Baptized...the records are here...what a scenic location for the church, very lovely...we will need to try to go into it and maybe get some photos...might even be a service on Sunday?


We asked our hosts' about a place for dinner...and we were told the best place in town to eat dinner is at the Selje Hotel...they had a wedding there tonight though so our dinner reservation couldn't be until around 8:30PM...we arrive and it's a cute little hotel loaded with history of the area and photos...Egor wasn't ready for us and needed some time to clear us a spot...I didn't manage a photo of us at the table because it seemed almost like we were getting added to the wedding party tables...they were all long banquet style tables like you would set for an we had the five seats at the one end of the tables and there was room for about ten more people to join us! So for the best dinner place in town, after eating there, that's not saying much...


This appetizer got an A+ for effort and didn't taste 'bad'...our dinner we were told was going to be Lamb with a red wine reduction sauce and veggies...I was so underwhelmed that I forgot to get a photo...there is no way it was lamb...looked like roast beef with gravy and veggies...tasted exactly like roast beef with either our server thought roast beef in english is lamb...? Or they ran out of lamb and served us some roast beef...the dinner menu at this hotel is always pre-set, three choices, just whatever it is...we had a watery red wine...Austrialian Lindemans which was suggested to pair nicely with the lamb...if we were having lamb perhaps the wine might've tasted better?

Oh! and a cream caramel which was this point after about 10 minutes of the vanishing server...we were ready to get back to the house and hit the hay!


The moments after dinner I was remembering our cousin Else instructing us that we will be having our lunches and dinners at her place in Fure...which I absoloutely insist we do also! More than one dinner at the Selje Hotel is really one dinner too much! I did mention that we are eating WAY more then I usually do but I know we will have some great suppers with our cousins this weekend!

Signing off until tomorrow's adventures unfold...thanks for following along!



Saturday, April 26, 2014

New Post, new website!


It may appear as though I have been hiding from here but the truth is that I have a new Website which includes a new Blog location!!!

Won't you join me over there? 

I have just posted a pretty layout using one of our favourite sketch sites...Let's Scrap!

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Rome - Day 8

Up and at it and out of our hotel in Rome by 8am...onto our bus for a 3+ hour drive to Pompeii...the weather is not great, we were warned to dress warmly as it was expected to be stormy today...

The sun was shining when we checked out of our hotel but an hour into our bus ride south the rain has started...lots of sleeping on the bus today as everyone is tired.

Not too much to see from my seat in the bus but I did snap a couple of the houses I saw along the way.

We have finally arrived in Pompeii...our tour guide Ezio has a strong accent and is difficult to understand...but what we did learn, if you aren't aware of the history of that it was covered with over 20 feet of ash and pumice from an eruption from Mount Vesuvius back in 79AD and it was partially uncovered in 1599 and completely uncovered in 1748.

It is seriously raining out today!!! When we arrived it started to pour, Marissa and I decided to purchase a poncho at the entrance to also helped keep the wind and cold away from chilling us to the bones!

Ezio was nice enough to direct us under cover and then told us the history of the areas we were in...the photos above was where they trained the gladiators...they did not fight here, only trained.

Marvin and Marissa...don't you love the fashionable poncho Marissa is wearing?!!

This stadium was for performances like plays and music shows...there was a stage area made from wood, now gone, and they know there were orchestras there too. This stadium was not used for gladiator exhibitions, only artistic shows.

This was a wine can see the barrels on the countertop and the small marble shelves would have displayed the bottles of wine.

These are some of the earliest Frescos, still all intact, really amazing!

Look at the detailed carving in the ceilings...remember that this place was abandoned in 79AD...even though it was covered in ash and pumice...everything had been well preserved.

These bodies were also discovered perfectly preserved...they have been mummified in a sense due to the fact they were covered in ash...amazing and sad.

Pompeii is also know for its baths...they have discovered three different ones, hot, warm and cold baths...there are natural hot springs that feed into each of the bath rooms that they were able to determine that.

This is an example of the lanes or streets of Pompeii...just wide enough for a chariot to pass by...stepping stones across at various spot so that you could avoid the 'waste' which was flowing down them!

You can see in the photo below the worn in grooves from the chariot wheels...

Next stop the local Pompeii Pompeii was a stop for many different speaking peoples, the signs above the doors indicated what you wanted to 'order' from the resident prostitute...

A very small, stone bed...I'm not sure what coverings or cushions were used, if any...some of the signs are clear, some aren't...

While you might initially assume that this is was actually advertising for the brothel...the penis is actually 'pointing' you in the direction of the business! True...I couldn't possibly make this stuff up...well maybe I could, but it's what Ezio told us so I am assuming its true.

The main streets were actually an open sewage system, the sewage ran out of the houses, into the lanes and then down the main road which led out of the city into the sea...people walked along the narrow sidewalks and the chariots and 'waste' travelled along the roads :)

Lookin' good! Well we are marginally wet and cold...but the rain has slowed luckily. We are sporting our rain ponchos and you are lucky enough to see all of those chins of mine too, once again!

You can see Mt. Vesuvius behind Marissa below...snow capped too...which apparently only happens a couple of times a year!

The tour part is over and now the guide takes us into the area where craftsmen are making Cameos...

In addition to Cameo's, they also have other souvenirs for us....

Nice huh? Of course the kids had a great laugh when they got to this booth!!!

The top commodity being grown here is lemons and oranges...Lemoncello is everywhere as are beverages and desserts of any lemon'y kind!

On our way to our hotel, we got to stop and walk around in Sorrento, our hotel for the night is just outside of here...I wanted to pick up some wine for Jaime here. Gianmarco helped us find his preferred store and introduced us to the owner.

It's hard with a language barrier, but after explaining what type of wine my hubby likes to drink, and with Gianmarco helping me...I was able to grab a couple pricy bottles for him, one for consuming anytime and another bottle for around five years from now or so...hopefully they meet with Jaime's approval.

The view from my room! Seriously the best hotel so far...glad it was the last...we had a wrap around veranda and arrived just in time for a gorgeous sunset! Lucky us :)

I imagine this would be some spot in the summertime here...maybe another time.....

Typical European hotel room...small single beds really close to each other...Jennifer, my roommate on this trip, and I made a path between them so we didn't feel like we were sharing a bed ;)

Time for dinner and then a suitcase tidy and bed...leaving this hotel tomorrow and heading to The Island of Capri for the day tomorrow...then our bus ride back to Rome...3am flight back to Canada on the 26th



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